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Huge blast at Spencer Road Interchange site; all blasting temporarily halted

Posted by Steven Hurdle on September 26, 2008

**Significant new developments in this story are available at this link.**

I received concerned phone calls and emails tonight from Florence Lake residents about a huge blast at the construction site for the Spencer Road Interchange just after 5PM tonight. This blast was reportedly of a scale far beyond anything we had experienced at the site up until now. At least three residents near the blast site are reporting debris falling into their yards. One Florence Lake resident, who had lived in Europe in World War II, reports having had what amounts to a flashback of bombing during the war and was so shaken and upset he had difficulty speaking (he had not had this reaction to all the other explosions that had happened with the extensive blasting in the area recently). Residents on the far side of the lake reported the blast having such force that it almost knocked them off their feet.

Florence Lake resident Maureen Johnson sent Inside Langford the following eye-witness report.

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Award roundup

Posted by Steven Hurdle on September 26, 2008

Several awards have crossed the news desk recently. Chief among them was Langford and Colwood jointly receiving an award for their joint-OCP process. While the two OCPs did not end up looking identical, it was still an interesting and precedent-setting process. The award appears to be for the setup for the process, not for the final product and not the implementation (which caused concern for many in the community).

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