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More on the Florence Lake Blast

Posted by Steven Hurdle on September 27, 2008

Reports from the area around Florence Lake continue to pour in about yesterday’s huge blast in the Florence Lake area, and below is another eye-witness account. This one is interesting because it goes into not only yesterday’s incident, but it also delves into some of the social and financial effects of the blasting in the area on local residents.

Steven Hurdle

I happened to be looking EXACTLY at the savory hill from across the lake at my house on the East shore of Florence Lake.

And there was a crack and then a second later a MASSIVE KA-BOOOOOOM!!!! A huge cloud shot up into the sky from the mountain and lingered, and even from my distant position all the way across the lake, I saw dozens (hundreds?) of huge HUGE rock shards, clearly visible to the naked eye, fly hundreds of feet up into the air and scatter down like rain all over the surrounding mountain. Read the rest of this entry »

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