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More development incentives and Haiti Mission continues

Posted by Cheryl McLachlan on February 5, 2012

The beginning of Feb. brings the 2nd meeting of Langford Council in 2012. With only 4 Bylaws to vote on before the in-camera session on “Property Acquisition/Disposition and Negotiations” it could be a very short meeting. In quickly skimming over the agenda (available on the City of Langford website) what caught my attention was a proposal from the Planning Dept. to change the City of Langford’s Affordable Housing Program from 1 affordable home built for every 10 to 1 in every 15, along with, from the previous Council meeting in Jan., reducing DCCs (Develop Cost Charges), both are to be incentives to deal with the slowdown in development. Also, the recommendation is in for who to award the contract to for further work on the Spencer Road Interchange/Bear Mt. Connector/Bridge to Nowhere project to be paid for with the City of Langford’s newly borrowed $3 million.

Award of Consulting Engineering Services – Leigh Road Interchange Phase lb
• Northbound off – ramp (from the TCH heading toward the bridge and Bear Mountain Parkway);
• Southbound on – ramp (from Leigh Road heading to Victoria);
• Brock Avenue connector
• Frontage road from current Spencer Road on the north side of the highway leading to the Brock Avenue connector

Upon a thorough review of all proposals the evaluating committee recommends that the contract be awarded to FOCUS Corporation. FOCUS prepared a bid that included a cost estimate of $299,731.75 in fees and disbursements.

As well I would like to note, at the last Protective Services Committee meeting, Fire Chief Bob Beckett, did a wonderful presentation on the ongoing project the City of Langford Fire Department members and City of Langford staff and other community members have undertaken with their own time, energy and money to help rebuild and improve an orphanage in Haiti that was devastated by the earthquake in 2010. Rebuilding and improvements include:

While the initial goal was to replace the damaged building, our volunteers recognized that there was other work required in order to ensure the safety and sustainability of the orphanage. So, while our building was being designed and built, teams of volunteers using local Haitian labor accomplished the following:
• Built a 12′ security wall around the perimeter including a large metal gate and man door for the safety and security of the children.
• Refurbished the outdoor latrines including providing 2 more toilets and providing privacy doors.
• Installed a 500 gal water reservoir to provide for water reserves given the intermittent municipal water supply situation.
• Built a fully enclosed outdoor kitchen complete with a 3-burner propane stove so the children could boil their water and have adequate facilities to cook for 50 or so.
• Provided 2 40 ft. metal sea containers complete with shelving for dry, secure storage.
• Started to level the site so as to provide adequate drainage to remove the disease infested stagnant water.
In addition to the above mentioned goals we are also committed to have a deep well dug, a retaining wall on the inside of the compound built, security wire installed on the top of the perimeter wall, completing the site drainage project, and furnishing our building, all of which will be done in time for the dedication.

As we begin the 2nd week in Feb. volunteers once again, paying their own way and donating their own time, are off to Haiti to complete this project. Donations are being accepted to help support this community project. “Check out the City of Langford website for an article and a way to donate”.

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