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Omnibus and Small Lots

Posted by Cheryl McLachlan on March 11, 2012

Here is a quick look at the agenda for the Monday, March 12th, 7pm, Planning, Zoning & Affordable Housing Committee meeting. And a reminder, if you have questions or want to give input on any of these proposals, this is your best opportunity as there is more discussion between committee members and sometimes with members of the public when proposals are at the committee level. Committees only give recommendations to council, but usually council follows the recommendations of their committees. Committees are composed of 2 councilors and 3-4 appointed members of the public for most of the committees.

1) Application to Rezone 703 Massie Drive from R2 (One and Two-Family Residential) to MUIA (Mixed Use Residential Commercial) in order to create a ten (10) unit residential development.

2) When Zoning Bylaw No. 300 was adopted in February 1999, it was anticipated that periodic revisions to the bylaw would be required. In consultation with developers, staff is proposing the following omnibus changes to Zoning Bylaw No. 300:
• Increase the maximum height of an apartment building in the C8, C8A, MU1, MUIA, RM7, RM7A and RM9 zones;
• Amend the subdivision lot requirements in the R4 zone to allow a parent parcel to be averaged out to 1 lot per 1/4 acre; and
• Amend Part 4 to prohibit recreational vehicle parking on small lots.

3) Application to amend the CD10 Zone (Comprehensive Development – Boulder Ridge) for the properties at 3347, 3348, 3351, 3354, 3355, 3359, 3360, 3363, 3364, 3367, 3368, 2271, 3375 Vision Way and 903 TayberryTerrace.

4) Application to Rezone 963 Walfred Rd from R2 (One and Two-Family Residential) to RS3 (Residential Small Lot 3) to Allow a 1-lot Subdivision.

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