Island Corridor Foundation needs regional districts to support E&N rail line plans

Bernard Von Schulmann has posted an interesting analysis of the Island Corridor foundation’s situation as it tries to get the money together to get the E&N rail line repaired and trains moving again. In short, they have $7.5 million from the federal government, $7.5 million from the provincial government, and need a smaller amount from the five regional districts the line goes through.

Two of the five have so far agreed to levy the small amount on property taxes. And when I say small, I mean small: a couple of dollars per property per year for five years in Bernard’s analysis. His analysis appears to assume that it would be entirely paid by residents, but I’m not sure that’s accurate. Would business property tax rolls really be ignored in this? An argument could be made that they could benefit from commuter rail.

So far the Capital Regional District has not signed on. This is a challenge for the Island Corridor Foundation because the CRD represents slightly more than half of the population of the five regional districts in question. Langford Council has had their differences with the CRD in the past, but Langford is probably the single-most enthusiastically supportive municipality of getting commuter rail running on the E&N line, and a referendum on the subject garnered massive support from Langford voters a few municipal elections ago, so if the CRD agrees to pursue this they would likely not receive any local resistance.

“Your Voice Langford” public engagement project

The Goldstream Gazette is reporting (Fri. Sept. 14th issue, p. A22) that Dory Thuot, a Royal Roads student, is hosting “Your Voice Langford”, an evening of public engagement about the City of Langford. The project is part of her academic research for her Master of Arts in Leadership course, and she intends to look at issues surrounding Langford’s downtown core such as parking, density, development, and issues surrounding how the City engages the community. Thuot is hoping to promote public engagements on the one hand, while investigating what prevents people from being engaged on the other.

The event will take place on Sunday, September 23rd at 7pm, at Our Lady of the Rosary (798 Goldstream Ave.). Participants must pre-register by emailing, and the results of the evening will be passed on to Langford City staff.

Spencer Interchange Bylaw for borrowing $12,250.00

The last bylaw in a lengthy agenda, before the almost ever present in-camera session, at this Monday night’s Council meeting, is a bylaw authorizing the City of Langford to borrow $12,250,000 for the Spencer Road Interchange. It will go through First, Second and Third reading and did not have a Public Hearing. This borrowing is part of the $25,000,000 the Langford Council already authorized the City of Langford to borrow for building the Spencer Road Interchange by previous bylaws.

BYLAW NO. 1434
WHEREAS it is provided by Section 181 of the Community Charter that the Council, where it has adopted a loan authorization bylaw may, by bylaw, temporarily borrow money not exceeding the difference between the total amount authorized by the loan authorization bylaw and the amount already borrowed in relation to that bylaw;
AND WHEREAS the Council of the City of Langford has adopted Bylaw No. 1148 cited as the “Spencer Road Interchange Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1148, 2008″, authorizing borrowing for the construction of a highway interchange on the Trans Canada Highway at Bear Mountain Parkway, together with associated and consequential highway improvements, in the amount twenty five million dollars ($25,000,000.00);
AND WHEREAS the sale of the said debentures has been temporarily deferred;
NOW THEREFORE the Council of the City of Langford in open meeting assembled, enact as follows:
1. The City of Langford is hereby authorized and empowered to borrow upon the credit of the City of Langford, a sum not exceeding twelve million two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($12,250,000.00}.
2. The form of obligation to be given as acknowledgement of the liability shall be promissory notes bearing the corporate seal and signed by the Mayor and Treasurer.
3. The money so borrowed shall be used solely for the purposes set out in said Bylaw No. 1148.
4. The proceeds from the sale of the debentures or so much thereof as may be necessary shall be used to repay the money so borrowed.
5. This bylaw shall be cited as “City of Langford Spencer Interchange Local Area Service Temporary Borrowing Bylaw No. 1434, 2012″.

Followed by the almost ever present In-Camera session:

The matters to be dealt with are: Legal Matters, New Service and Property Disposal.

Backyard Chickens, storage of the deceased, 2011 Annual Report LINK & 7 Bylaws: Public Hearing to 3rd Reading

Re: Keeping of Backyard Chickens

“Formal request for a review of existing Land Use Bylaws 3.12.01(1) and 3.12.01 (4) regarding the keeping of backyard chickens and the housing of animals respectively, which were written by the CRD in 1967 and adopted by Langford upon Incorporation in 1992. We would like to see this Bylaw amended to allow residents to keep backyard hens on lots smaller than 1 acre (4,000 m2), and our suggestion is as follows:
1) Reduce the minimum lot size required to keep poultry from one-acre, to one hen for each 166m2 (1,790ft2) of lot area (as currently calculated on page 101 of the Land Use Bylaw document)
2) Amend Bylaw 3.12.01 (4), regarding minimum distance of a building or structure to house animals from 30m of any front lot line or within 15m of any other lot line, to rear of property and 1.524m (5ft) of any other lot line.
With proper education, owning backyard hens – a sustainable investment in food security – is a rewarding experience and is in keeping with our City of Langford’s Official Community Plan (OCP).”

TUP-12-0001 -1064 Goldstream Avenue

“Temporary Use Permit No. TUP12-0001 … for purpose of allowing the storage of funeral service related items, such as coffins, caskets and urns, and may include temporary storage (overnight) of the deceased, on the property at 1064 Goldstream Avenue.”
– one local business person wrote in expressing, “…with your inclusion of possible overnight storage of the deceased, we feel even more strongly that this is not the area to do this in. We have two schools with in a three block radius; Ruth King Elementary and Spencer School, we have townhome complexes across the street and there are just so many other locations to choose from….”

a) City of Langford 2011 Annual Report (“can be viewed at City Hall or on website
at”😉 LINK: click HERE
b) Contract Award Leigh Road Interchange Phase IB, Savory Contract 231
c) Application to vary the parking requirement and vary the height from the required four (4) storeys to five (5) storeys to allow for the construction of a multi-family residential building consisting of approximately twenty-two (22) dwelling units on the property at 790 Hockley Avenue.

Bylaws with Public Hearings, 2nd & 3rd Readings:

a) BYLAW NO. 1356
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 319, (3385 Happy Valley Road), 2011″.
b) BYLAW NO. 1357
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 320, (3371, 3377, and 3379 Happy Valley Road), 2011″.
c) BYLAW NO. 1370
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 329, (Text Amendment-New CH4 (Cluster Housing Residential 4 Zone), 2011″.
d) BYLAW NO. 1391
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 342, (790 Hockley Avenue), 2012″.
e) BYLAW NO. 1392
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 343, (2720 Peatt Road), 2012″.
f) BYLAW NO. 1393
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 344, (997 and 999 Goldstream Avenue), 2012″.
g) BYLAW NO. 1394
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 345, (Omnibus No. 28 – Community Care Facilities), 2012″.

And more…………

a) DVP12-0006 – 2758 Peatt Road
b) DVP12-0008-3091 Langford Lake Road Westhills Phase 5

And more bylaws with just 1st Reading:

BYLAW NO. 1407
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 351, (Ml Zone – Text amendment to allow a
skateboard school and its related uses as a permitted use on the subject property only), 2012″.

BYLAW NO. 1411
“Flatman Ave Road Closure Bylaw No. 1411 2012″.

BYLAW NO. 1418
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 340, (3622 Happy Valley Road), 2012″.

BYLAW NO. 1424
“Langford Official Community Plan Bylaw, Amendment No. 8, (Amending the OCP designation from Agricultural Strategy lands to Neighbourhood), 2012″.

BYLAW NO. 1426
“Langford Zoning Bylaw, Amendment No. 340, (Create the RR3 Zone), 2012″.

and some other items and the almost always In-Camera Resolution, this time regarding, “Legal Matters, New Service and Personnel.”

2 Responses to “Backyard Chickens, storage of the deceased, 2011 Annual Report LINK & 7 Bylaws: Public Hearing to 3rd Reading”

  1. Cheryl McLachlan said

    There was a Power Point presentation tonight to Langford Council, staff and a packed audience largely there to support the campaign to change old CRD era bylaws preventing any chickens being kept on less than an acre. The presentation was informative, well organized, addressed the common concerns about chickens and was quite humorous at points.
    Making changes to the bylaw seemed well received by all. 🙂

    Langford residents should go check out their website,
    “Support a Hen-Friendly Langford:”

    You can still sign their petition:

  2. Werner And Karen said

    Chickens in Langford featured on CTV: